What is the best Jigsaw Puzzle to buy as a present?

 What is the best jigsaw puzzle to buy as a present?

A question that’s often asked is ‘what is the best jigsaw puzzle to buy as a present for a family member or friend’.

A guaranteed way of giving a present, that someone will appreciate, is to give a gift they will actually enjoy or find useful, and this is no different when buying jigsaw puzzles.

To give a gift they will really appreciate is to make sure the subject matter of the jigsaw puzzle is something that the person is interested in. Giving a gift, of something a person is interested in shows that you have given the present some thought.

To take an example, if the person you’re buying for is an older adult they will most likely enjoy receiving a puzzle of something that means something to them from their past, perhaps a village scene or something connected to when they were growing up, while a puzzle for a young child might be a dinosaur puzzle or perhaps their favourite super hero.

This scene would most likely bring back fond memories for someone who had grown up in a village

To give an extreme illustration of the above, if you reverse those two examples (dinosaur puzzle for the lady and village scene for the child), it’s obvious they would not hold any interest for either person and consequently be a totally wasted present.

When buying a puzzle for an adult, a parent, a friend, or any family relative, always consider ‘What are they interested in’, or ‘what do they like’. These days, there are puzzles on the market of probably every single interest & subject you can think of.

That interest could be something general, such as the person likes beautiful views of the countryside or striking scenery images/photos, and for this particular example you will have a wide choice of good quality puzzles to buy them.

To be more precise it could be a scenery image of something more specific or perhaps, for instance, not just a sea view image but a sea view image that includes a ship or yacht at sail.

As a further example, Jigsaw puzzles of trains & locomotives are very popular with  train enthusiasts.

I am sure many train enthusiasts would know the name of what this steam engine is supposed to be

Another concern to consider is, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, the puzzle should be related to the persons age as they might enjoy doing a puzzle that reminds them of something in their past.

For instance, an adult who grew up on a farm, no matter what age they are, would find receiving a puzzle showing life on a farm interesting and more inclined to appreciate the thought.

Whether you buy a wooden or cardboard puzzle, in part, depends on how much you wish to spend and it would be an idea to bear in mind that with modern puzzles there is not just a choice between wooden or cardboard, but you can also buy 3D puzzles of famous buildings & vehicles, puzzles that are considered works of art, eye deceiving puzzles and even glass jigsaw puzzles.

Also do take care when buying a jigsaw puzzle as a present that it DOES actually include & come in a box. Some of the cheaper puzzles shown for sale online, surprising do not come in a box and the customer can often be surprised when the puzzle arrives in nothing more than a plastic bag. So do make sure the photo of the puzzle for sale shows a box. It’s not just that any present to someone needs to be nicely presented such as in a box, but also most people like a picture to work off of when putting the puzzle together.

One last point to consider is if the jigsaw present is intended as a present for just a few days away, check the estimated delivery time. Not all puzzles are shipped from within the UK