Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts make Good Presents

Jigsaw Puzzle gifts make good presents

Customers often asked us is ‘Do Jigsaw puzzles make good presents?’ or ‘Which jigsaw puzzle would make a good gift?’

Well the answer is that they make GREAT gifts & presents. They are addictive, enjoyable and consequently ideal gifts that can often get overlooked, or forgotten, when trying to think of what to buy somebody for their birthday, Christmas or just as a little ‘thank you’ etc.

These days it’s getting harder and harder knowing what to buy a person, but some people do tend to solve some, or most, of their gift ideas by simply buying jigsaw puzzles that are relevant to each person they are buying for.

Put simply, that’s the reason why jigsaw puzzle gifts make such good and appreciated presents. Whatever a person is interested in, you can be sure there is a jigsaw puzzle out there that covers that interest. For example, a jigsaw puzzle showing a fishing scene is a good thoughtful present for that fishing enthusiast in your life, and is certainly something they can do during the cold winter months when fishing is not feasible.

Jigsaw puzzles gifts can remind loved ones of happy times

A puzzle showing a summer beach scene may well remind your parent/s of when they use to take you to the beach when you were a young child. Or perhaps a pet/dog/cat/rabbit puzzle would be a thoughtful present for that pet/animal lover in your life.

jigsaw puzzle gifts make great presents for loved ones

A good example of a puzzle image that may bring back happy memories for some

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Other favourite gift ideas are puzzles showing a place or city where someone has always wanted to visit, or has visited and has fond memories of, New York perhaps, or Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, Lake Garda, Manorola in Italy………..the list is endless.

jigsaw puzzle gifts make great presents for loved ones

Sometimes puzzles can remind of us of that great holiday we had or maybe would like to have!

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There are so many different styles/designs/concepts of jigsaw puzzles on the market today, either photos or images, where you are sure to find a puzzle that means something to that person you are looking to buy for.

Popular gifts are jigsaw puzzles that can be educational, such as maps of the world, flags of the world, or puzzles of a subject someone is interested in, such as Harry Potter, Disney, locomotives, floral gardens, cars, travel, sports etc.

It’s the variety of different jigsaw puzzles available that make them such a good gift choice with puzzles for all age groups and every possible interest.

Fun & Educational

Not only do jigsaw puzzles gifts make great presents for adults, they can also make ideal gifts for children. They can occupy a child; educate a child, as well as giving them a challenge, while puzzles of their current interests such as Harry Potter, Disney characters or Marvel Heroes will give them hours of pleasure.

Jigsaw puzzles help a child to build the ability to solve problems, and children essentially will learn to develop  visual awareness and coordination in the early part of their life, while having fun in doing a puzzle of something they actually like and identify with.

Jigsaw puzzle gifts can help us when going through troubled times

Some people get a release in doing jigsaw puzzles when going through a difficult time in their lives, quitting smoking or convalescing after an accident etc being just two examples. Puzzles have the ability to take your mind away from your troubles or lift you out of your immediate surroundings, and will help with nerves and anxiety. 


To further the point that jigsaw puzzles not only make great gifts but also help with cognitive enrichment, you may well find this study article of great interest :

Jigsaw puzzles as cognitive Enrichment (PACE)  the effect of solving jigsaw puzzles on global visuospatial cognition in adults 50 years of age and older: study protocol for a randomised trail


If a child that has a short attention span, or is particularly restless; doing a puzzle with them may be a good way to help them. If you want a bit of variety, other than the traditional wooden & cardboard jigsaw puzzles, there are many 3D and 4D puzzles on the market.

All these puzzles will help to develop a child’s imagination, creative abilities and helps them to learn how to organise a project.

jigsaw puzzle gifts make great presents for loved ones

A puzzle showing the flags of the world can be educational for children & adults alike

When children do jigsaw puzzles they soon find out that, when they think they have a solution, it is not always so at the first attempt and they learn to accept that sometimes you need more than just the one attempt, or have to put in some extra work and effort, to achieve your goal.

To add to all of the above, jigsaw puzzle gifts do not only make great presents for someone to do on their own, but they are also a pastime that can be shared with others or even in small groups. Buying a puzzle for someone so that others in their family can do it with them always makes a good gift. And whether it’s a child or an adult, completing a puzzle always gives that sense of achievement when completed.

When all’s said and done, let’s not forget that jigsaw puzzles make great gifts & nice presents because they are fun, enjoyable and they are a great pastime.