How long does it take to do a jigsaw puzzle?

How long does it take to do a jigsaw puzzle?


How long does it take to do a jigsaw puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzles come in several different sizes, determined by the amount of pieces. These days, the most common ones are the 1000 and 500 piece puzzles. There are, however, several other sizes including the 300, 2000, 3000 and 5000 piece jigsaw puzzles. You will also find smaller pieced puzzles, aimed specifically for children.

The time needed to do the various sizes depends on the person and how experienced they are with doing puzzles, but as a rough guide:

A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle can take 3 to 10 hours

A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle can take 2 to 6 hours

A 300 piece jigsaw puzzle can take 2 to 3 hours.

Incidentally the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle was assembled in Dubai in 2018 and according to the Guinness World Records had 12,300 pieces, covering 65,000 square feet, but that one’s not for sale, so not a problem. (You can read more on this, in a separate window, on our jigsaw puzzle facts page)

From the figures above you can see there is a wide time range, rising as the amount of pieces increase. But, in truth, these are very wild estimations and there isn’t really a correct answer to this question. 

How long does it take to do a jigsaw puzzle?

As an example of the estimations, this may only be a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle but one look at the puzzle might tell you that it could take longer to do than other typical 300 piece puzzles

Perhaps one of the reasons why people ask the question of how long it can take, is that they may not have a puzzle board and are doing the puzzle on or in an area, such as a kitchen table, where they will eventually need the space and can’t really have an uncompleted puzzle hanging around for too long.

However, more relevant to the question is that most experienced or occasional puzzlers are not in a rush to complete the puzzle anyway. It is a pastime, and for most it becomes an enjoyable pastime much the same as any other hobby or interest we do.

In addition to this, believe it or not, there are also different ways to do a jigsaw puzzle, different strategies if you like, and we have covered this in our blog jigsaw puzzle methods (view in a separate window)

It’s a pastime that enables you to unwind and specifically focus on building something from the beginning to the finished article.

It’s the perfect hobby because it’s inexpensive, there is no equipment needed, save a puzzle board if you’re not doing it directly on a table, and they are addictive while at the same time removing you from the stresses and strain of everyday life, work problems and frustrations a lot of us sometimes have with modern technology.

Many find doing a jigsaw puzzle challenging and something to get pleasure from as they slowly piece together the puzzle. They have no wish to rush it and seldom count the hours taken in doing so. 

Another factor in how long it may take can be how many people contribute to doing the puzzle. It has become quite common these days for two or more members of the family to all do their bit as and when they feel inclined. Obviously if two, or more, people are doing the puzzle then it cuts down the time a lot.

How long does it take to do a jigsaw puzzle?

Doing a puzzle with others can cut down the time it take to complete it

So, when considering how long it is going to take you to do a jigsaw puzzle, if you are not an experienced puzzler, find a puzzle that is challenging enough but maybe not the largest amount of pieces you can find. It’s likely that after the first puzzle, you will want to step it up anyway and follow it up with a puzzle containing more pieces.

But the main thing is, this is an enjoyment, a hobby, a leisure pastime to get you away from all the daily trappings of life, so just enjoy it! Maybe, doing a jigsaw puzzle is one of the few things we should not be asking how long it takes, rather how much can we relax and get away from all our usual concerns and worries.

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