Covid19 in the UK and the part jigsaw puzzles play


Covid 19 in the UK and the part Jigsaw Puzzles play

So, here we are 2021 and in a third UK lockdown since the Covid19 pandemic started. Fortunately there are vaccines now in play and hopefully things will soon be back to a more normal way of life.

During the first UK lockdown, in March 2020, where we all stayed indoors since no one was really sure what we were up against, the sales of jigsaw puzzles soared. In fact, they were so much in demand that some suppliers completely sold out or found their stocks vastly diminished.

stay home, stay safe and puzzle - one of the slogans used during Covid19 pandemic

Stay home, stay safe and puzzle - one of the slogans used during the Covid19 pandemic

People that had not done jigsaw puzzles for years returned to the hobby, and many newcomers who had never done a jigsaw puzzle in their lives started to get involved in the craze. In addition to this, of course, there were those that have always loved doing jigsaw puzzles and simply continued to pass the hours doing one of their favourite pastimes.


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Interestingly, since that first lockdown, interest in jigsaw puzzles has remained high with sales being strong and producers having stepped up their productions. Not only have corresponding lockdowns seen people continue to enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, but sales were also high between the lockdowns and of course over the Christmas period.

However, it’s not just that people have enjoyed passing their time doing jigsaw puzzles, but many have found there to be positive health benefits in doing this simple pastime.

Benefits such as improving a person’s critical thinking, improving mental speed, concentration, general patience and short term memory. People have found the pastime to be a great stress reliever and even a form of meditation, a source of relaxation, taking your mind away from outside influences and all in all an immense aid for a person’s general mental health.

With much of the news seeming to be a continuous stream of bad or worrying news concerning the Covid19 pandemic, doing jigsaw puzzles has that ability of removing you from those concerns, for a while, and for that many have been thankful.

Jigsaw puzzles have always been a pastime that allows you some ‘alone’ time, which is vital for us all at times, but many have also found them to be an ideal activity for the whole family. It is not unusual now for a family to have a puzzle on the living room or kitchen table with any family member sitting down at the table when passing by, to add a few more pieces to the puzzle.

Doing jigsaw puzzles has become a family activity during the Covid19 pandemic

Doing jigsaw puzzles became a family activity during the Covid19 pandemic

We actually have a page, here, on our website blog, titled ‘Jigsaw Puzzle health benefits’ which outlines all the various benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles, that you may find informative and of interest.

The page summarizes not just the benefits already mentioned in this article, but also many more, such as the sense that many people find when doing a jigsaw puzzle they are building something, doing something constructive and most importantly, they know there is a definite ending, something I think a lot of us need to know , as with the case of the Covid19 pandemic